Ice Joker Slots

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Types5-reel, bonus, video
ThemesWinter, Classic Slot Symbols

Sometimes you might find yourself in the middle of a landscape with the harshest environment possible where minus temperatures and freezing winds reign, and yet it is so beautiful that you just don't mind the health risks. Throughout your visit to the stark, blue palace made of unpolished ice rising on the main screen of Ice Joker, you will have only one friend to keep you company, and that will be more than enough. Play'n'Go seems to be well ahead of the curve - they know that you don't need characters to keep the spirits of betting adventurers high; flawless animation, immersive atmosphere, and irresistible color palette apparently do the trick just as efficiently.

A Fairytale of an Icy Fantasy World with a Beneficial Twist Involving a Random Wheel

If you are an online bettor of average experience, you are familiar with the potential profits of a Lucky Wheel, and time and time again, you have probably been astounded by the exotic, fantastical locations where this mundane object suitable for a TV prize show pops out in the most unexpected manner possible. Who would've guessed that a somewhat frightening castle made of rugged, sharp icicles contains such an item, capable of awarding a wide range of additional opportunities to make money?

To earn a spin at the Wheel, make sure to collect the meticulously detailed snowflake - in the dead of winter, that shouldn't be too hard. Apart from that, within the boundaries of the winter kingdom, you will uncover twenty additional methods through which you can get your hands on various cash gifts to the point where you will start to feel like it is Christmas.

You Won't Look at Jokers the Same Way After Meeting That Hypnotizing Gaze

It is tough to make the argument that if something looks good in a slot game, then it compensates for the fact that it is utterly unoriginal, but the developers here might just have pulled it off because these are some of the most beautiful, shiniest fruits, BARs and sevens of any paytable.

They absolutely look out of place against the backdrop of this fantasy North Pole-style world, but at least when you see them, you will realize how you are supposed to survive in this relentless environment - by consuming the prizes of delicious healthy plums and cherries. The red Seven, another icon that every single slot player has seen at least one thousand times, will boost the numbers in your account the most - through its 5000-credit reward.

Your venture in the snowbound land won't become truly interesting until you have met the Ice Joker herself. She might wear a ridiculous outfit (all Jokers do), but her purple eyes will capture your heart in an instant. The more important reason why you will fall in love with her is her ability to provide you with three magical free opportunities to gain more cash every time she graces you with her presence.