Gem Splitter Slots

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Typesbonus, video, 5-reel

If you like your fantasy adventures with an element of treasure hunting and have a long-standing fantasy of diving into gigantic piles of gold, then coming across Gem Splitter is your cue that it's time to have some fun. It is a thrilling journey that culminates in the interior of a dark temple-like structure, which would have likely been pitch black if it wasn't illuminated by the millions of shiny precious stones and gold artifacts that completely cover the floor. The treasure scattered across the dungeon-like hall is seemingly endless and so beautiful that you will half-expect the eye of a talking dragon to pop out underneath it.

Get Your Fill of Wazdan Gems Under the Marvelous Golden Arch

Your venture into the gold-lit shadows will surprise you in many satisfying ways, and perhaps the most distinctive freedom that will come your way is the ability to collect rewards by amassing up to fifteen items. Across the floor, or to be more precise - across the surface of the mountain of treasure, you will encounter so many different valuable items that, all in all, increasing the numbers in your bank account will be possible in a total of 59 049 ways. The rare and innovative nature of this beneficial exploration of a fantasy vault will become even more special when you discover a rare option, which splits a single icon into multiple smaller ones, thus filling your account with money much faster and easier. It is quite evident that this effect is the source of inspiration for the game's title.

Keep Your Eyes Open for the Lovely Colors and Life-Changing Rewards of Marvelous Stones

Not all the priceless artifacts from the massive pile of gold are spectacular. There are also some simplistic letters, which have grown consistently tiring to many players, but it certainly helps that they pay a lot. Plus, their vibrantly purple shiny appearance is another decent compensation. Picking up any of the other precious stones, whether they are emeralds or sapphires, will make you far richer. As you scale every corner of the dark treasury, the one stone that you probably need to be looking for the hardest is the ruby because it can contribute to your finances with a million credits.

One-Color Artefacts Pay Well, but Multi-Colored Ones Are Even Better -They Multiply Your Funds

Your eyes will gaze upon all sorts of valuable trinkets, and most of them will be of the same lovely color. There are a couple of rare hidden items that humorously contain all the colors, including some that you may not have even thought of. One of those precious artifacts has a substituting effect, and the other one can kindly provide you with free opportunities enabling you to get extra rich without additional risk. Once the privilege of free spins becomes available to you, you will obtain at least ten chances; more than that can come your way, depending on just how lucky you turn out to be.