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Hope, you've already heard such a phrase as "casino bonus". It is a particular sum of money offered to the casino gamblers, except for the winning money. Of, course online casinos don't propose them for your pleasant appearance or kind words, but they are quite profitable for gambling establishments, as they attract new players and later increase casinos advantages. Casinos encourage novice players to start and continue playing on their sites.

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The more time gamblers spends playing their favorite casino games, the more bonuses they receive free of charge. For example, sign up bonus casino give players the opportunity to start their gambling activity with the additional sum of money to practice their gambling skills and "feel" the game.

Casino Bonuses Types

  • Sign Up Bonus. Is offered when the player makes his first deposit on the casino site and increases players' and casino probabilities.
  • No Deposit Bonus. One of the most convenient casino offers, as the player doesn't need to deposit any money at all. Usually this bonus amount is not very high and helps gamblers to become involved to the gambling activity.
  • Deposit Bonus. It is received after gambler's making the deposit and pays after the particular number and sums of placed wagers (according to the online casino wagering requirements).
  • Special Bonus. It is offered on special occasions - birthdays or happy hours.
  • Recurrent Bonuses. Payments offered to the regular players each week, month or weekend.

Almost all gamblers desire to get any of the offered casino bonuses. Before getting them, they should find out and meet some casino requirements.

Many casinos offer very profitable bonuses, but gamblers should put maximum bets to get the chance to receive them. Online casino bonuses are usually transferred into players' gambling accounts into several minutes and rarely this option can take several days.

Now you know the general information about online casino bonuses, so are ready to the efficient playing activity. Just choose the most suitable online casino for you, offering high bonuses and large game variety and enjoy playing!