Big Bucks Bandits Megaways Slots

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Typesbonus, video, 6-reel
ThemesWild West, American, Regional

Sharpen your senses and get ready for a gunfight as you step into an epic deserted canyon landscape, a fitting backdrop for the Western gambling drama unfolding in Big Bucks Bandits Megaways. ReelPlay has made an undeniably neat choice for a setting - an intense duel, in which the opponents stand at the opposite ends of the two and try to gun each other down, more or less resembles gambling.

Shoot your way out of trouble to conquer your bitter rivals, and you will collect quite the bounty. The game's characters are appropriately memorable, and each of the items you will encounter will contribute to the gritty atmosphere, but the size of the rewards available will still take you completely by surprise.

When the Smoke Clears, You Will Find Enormous Multipliers Expanding Your Profit

Your path might take you to four trophies made of four different shiny metals, a refreshing sight in this Wild West world where fashion dictates that you wear dark leather. These are the Trophy Bonuses, and whenever you receive one, you will get a hold of enormous rewards as big as 1000 times your selected wager.

Even if you have plenty of experience with slots, you will still be taken aback at the sight of the reels, and you will immediately ask yourself, "What is going on?" It is difficult to describe: some of the icons are tiny, and others take up multiple positions. It's obvious chaos, but there is so much space for symbols or otherwise put - money that can go to your pocket that you certainly won't mind it. What is even more impressive is the number of ways in which you can put that cash in your pocket - 9600, to be exact.

Step into the Shoes of a Western Gunslinging Hero and Get Paid as If You Are the Villain

By the time you go through all the prizes from the paytable, you will feel like a proper bounty hunter. A bottle of water (or, more likely, alcohol) will always be close by to keep your spirits high. Another refreshing sight to experience while going through the deserted landscape is a cactus. En route to the deadly town where the duels will be happening, you will come across a creepy skull. A key element of your outfit, protecting you from the scorching sun and contributing to your mysterious nature, is the cowboy hat.

Your two revolvers will strike fear in the hearts of your foes, and the stallion will be your trusty means of transportation. There are three characters you will meet. Two of them are fighters just like you. One of them has the vibe of the hero, dual wielding two guns. The other usually appears on a demonic yellow background, rocking an intimidating mustache, and he also pays the most. Judging by all the hints, he is likely the villain. In the middle of all that danger, the image of a gorgeous stylish lady will give you comfort.