Casino Probability

Eagle Power: Hold and Win Slots

Exercise Your Mind! Do you think that gambling is just an entertainment and way of easy money getting? But it was proven centuries ago, that playing casino games is a good training for mind. The probability theory was created after its inventor started playing cards. Fermat and Paskal (theory inventors) made calculation concerning their discovery in the gambling houses.

Casino Probability: Manage Your Bankroll

You can increase your winning chances if you will follow main casino probabilities. We advise you to follow them for better games understanding and development of your playing skills.

First of all, each gambler should learn to spend his/her money wisely. Before entering the land based casino or online casino site you should define the particular sum of money you are ready to spend. This will increase your winning chances (as you'll be more attentive) and will save your money. The casino psychology researches prove that incorrect money management is the most common gamblers' mistake. As the deeper you are involved into the casino game, the more money you can lose.

Don't forget also that there exists a great variety of the casino management books, which help casino administration to get higher profit from their establishments.

Casino Probability: Intelligent Gambling

There are many factors that influence gamblers successful play. The most popular of them are:

  • The odds of the games
  • The house cuts
  • Cheating methods.

On the other hand, many gamblers consider their main enemies to be the dealers, casino staff and loud slots bells. But the worst casino gambler's enemy is himself/herself. They usually lent themselves into emotions and become too bed-tempered and too emotional. The most common players' mistake is they want to win huge amounts of money at once and become uncontrolled.

Very often players are very glad, because they won some amount of money, but they usually forget about the cash amounts they've already spent. It is necessary to remember that the casino games are just games of a chance and gamblers should be ready to the losses.

Three R's Rule

The gamblers should always remember about three main gambling levels:

  • Restraint
  • Rationality
  • Responsibility.

The secret is: the player should know when to stop gambling and not the all games' rules!