Arctic Wonders Slots

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Types5-reel, bonus, video
ThemesNorth, Arctic, Winter

Are you tired of fantasy nonsense, over-the-top characters, and a general sense of ridiculousness in your slot games? If that is the case, look no further than Arctic Wonders - a pure-hearted adventure in an icy landscape with zero cynicism and a down-to-earth original theme about a guy and his trusty animal friends who are on a mission to build their perfect cozy home.

Habanero keeps the atmosphere light, friendly, and sufficiently beautiful. You will work hard alongside your newfound companions as millions of perfectly shaped snowflakes decorate the endless snowy environment. At the end of the day, the fruits of your labor will become evident through the impressive contents of your wallet.

Multiply Your Money While Savoring the Irreplaceable View of the Northern Lights

This is not a showy slot experience, and fittingly, the gameplay really doesn't stand out with a mind-blowingly innovative feature. Nonetheless, as you make new friendships across the icy world and slowly build up a small fortune in your account, you will come across all kinds of well-paying effects.

Perhaps the most remarkable opportunity you can take advantage of is the multiplier boost that will increase everything you have won twice or four times every time you get the chance you go through free spins. Crafting a shelter in the cruel but undeniably magnificent snowbound area will be a turbulent adventure that can ultimately make you rich in 25 ways.

An Army of Friends Will Assist You While You Amass Huge Earnings

The only thing that can keep you warm in the dead of winter other than humongous amounts of cash is the company of numerous devoted friends, and in Arctic Wonders, you will get plenty of both. The numbers in your bank account will exponentially rise with the help of some simple tools such as gloves, a whistle, a pike, and a hilarious frozen bowl of fish, which should be pretty fun for one of your animal colleagues.

Ultimately you will use all of those to construct yourself an igloo, which will be instrumental for your success. Then you can finally start inviting some friends over. Have fun with the shy seagull rocking a scarlet hat, or play around with the highly enthusiastic husky. Make sure to familiarize yourself with the polar bear and the penguin, which will quickly become your personal favorites once you figure out the type of money they provide.

There is nothing quite like interacting with a member of your species, and the Eskimo, armed with a spear, will become your most efficient partner in crime, awarding you 50 000 credits. Another icon, which is neither a tool nor an animal or a human being but is more beautiful than all of them, depicts the Northern Lights. Not only does it have a valuable replacing effect, but it can also expand to very beneficial results.