5 Times Vegas Slots

5 Times Vegas Slots
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Types3-reel, classic, video
ThemesClassic Slot Symbols

Placing online bets can never be a truly relaxing experience; after all - real money is on the line. However, if you are a player capable of appreciating beauty, it will be tough not to feel relief at the sight of 5 Times Vegas' idyllic, night-time depiction of a city. The downtown area is engulfed in a magical teal shine, and the air surrounding the higher stories of the skyscrapers is colored in golden light from the distant sunset.

All these harmonious shades pierce the darkness in delicious ways, and even the sky contributes to the magical atmosphere because, quite frequently, you will notice shooting stars cutting through the constellations. Woohoo Games' artists have done such an astonishing job that they will put instant thoughts of moving to Nevada in your head.

Marvel at the Sight of a Neon Paradise as You Multiply Your Money in Several Ways

It would have been wonderful if the game's accompanying soundtrack was something a bit more ambient, relaxed and atmospheric instead of getting in the way of the tranquil vibe through an unnecessarily upbeat tune. Unfortunately, when it comes down to music in slots, nine out of ten soundtracks don't really work, and that is the case here.

That won't stop you from enjoying the rewards of the simplistic but undeniably effective classic gameplay. There are barely any surprises in store for players but with an appearance this good, there is not much more you can ask for. The best rewards will come to you through the multiplying effects of x2, x3, and x5 icons, which headline the title's paytable.

Cherish the Delightful Triple Combination Rewards of a Delicious Menu Full of Familiar Icons

As you relax on your imaginary balcony in Vegas and observe the divine cityscape, you will consume several deliciously paying fruits. First in order is the irresistible red cherry, then you will move on to feasting on the purple grapes, and finally, it is the equally tasty watermelon's turn. As you get bigger and bigger prizes, you will be collecting classic symbols, which will warm the hearts of all slot admirers through their relatability and familiarity, such as golden bells and blue diamonds.

The upper sections of the paytable also include the essential sign with the word "BAR" on it, and of course, an enormous purple seven will also be contributing to the size of the funds in your account. The best symbols are the ones depicting thin numbers - "2", "3," and "5," and they actually represent the number of times that your earnings will increase when those symbols form triple combinations across the grid. If you are lucky enough to get the combinations of several of these symbols, then these effects will compound and multiply, and your wealth will grow even more.