Knockout Diamonds Slots

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Typesbonus, video, 3-reel
ThemesBoxing, Classic Slot Symbols, Sport

Lace up the gloves and get in the mood for a thriller of a gambling fight with short but fruitful rounds. In Knockout Diamonds, the spotlight is on you; the crowd has filled the whole arena with screams and cheers while eagerly expecting your flawless performance inside the betting ring. When most fighters hear that bell announcing the first round, they immediately see red, ready to demolish their foes.

When you step into the boxing ring, the only red you are going to see is the beautiful shade of the box with the reels and all the other options tightly packed right next to each other. To be perfectly fair, the design is in some way a letdown. Make no mistake, ELK Studios have done a marvelous job recreating the immersive, high-stakes atmosphere of a top-level showdown, but the fact that there is this huge overstuffed box obstructing the masterfully crafted environment is admittedly a bit of a downside.

The Stakes Are Quite High - Defend Your Heavyweight Gambling Championship in Style

If you have experience with many slot fights, particularly ones with classic rules, you will immediately spot what is unique about this particular challenge. The stake that you can put up is as high as 100 credits, which is an absolute surprise. You will need to search through the lobbies of fifty casinos before you can come across something like this, and this is good news - it will definitely attract legions of high-roller to step in and take a piece of the action. Coupled with the electrifying boxing theme, this is a high-quality creative choice, indeed.

Winning Your Belt Will Make You Rich in More Ways Than You Can Imagine

The memorable fight night will be filled with paying icons that you have likely come across more times than you can count. There are two symbols, however, that are very much worthy of note because of the beneficial contributions they can make in the ring. It would be best for you to focus your tactics on those two treasures if you want to end up emerging triumphant. The golden x3 and x2 signs have the capabilities to fully bypass your opponents' defenses, delivering crushing blows by boosting your earnings two to three times.

Savoring the Many Bonus Perks of Being the Champion

Once the opponent is down and dusted, of course, you will reunite with your dear best friend - the Championship Belt, which stands out with a humongous diamond in its middle, and, needless to say, its rewards are ridiculous - up to 2500 coins. Being the betting champion of the world comes with a wide range of other privileges - from free opportunities to obtain prizes and immediate re-spins to icons freezing on the spot for even more profit. One has to credit ELK for including so many great ways to make money in an experience that, at first glance, seems to be very much by the numbers, excluding the epic sports theme.