Games Based on Luck: Roulette, Slots and Keno

Each and every gambling game has some degree of luck locked in the formula for success, however, there are some games like the ones this article will overview that are affected on a much larger scale.

These are games that are almost absolutely ruled by luck as most players would think, but is this true? While luck does indeed play a role in winning, there is an easily calculated chance of a certain number occurring, as one would typically expect in games like roulette or Keno. While these two can be predictable for the players who can count, slot games have a much lower predictability rate. It is a game where the player relies on multiple spins before they start winning more than they have bet.


Roulette is a game where one can bet on multiple numbers and colors and a ball is spun on a wheel. It is the players who have bet on the correct numbers that win. There is a big probability here, and it can be roughly calculated where the ball will land. Depending on the roulette type, you can bet on multiple colors, and have a bigger chance to land a win. It is common knowledge that the longer a player plays, the higher the chance of them losing their bets. This is why most casinos have now put a limit on the lowest amount of bets that you can make before cashing out. Some players know that their biggest chance of winning is if they bet everything on one or multiple colors, and then leave as soon as they get their bets back.


Slot games are games where a player pulls a lever and tries to get more than three matching card symbols that appear on the screen. If they are "lucky" enough, they will win different prizes, depending on the game itself. Here, the probabilities are a lot smaller than that of a roulette game. There is a high amount of winners, due to the smaller chance of losing.


Keno is a game similar to that of bingo, where a machine or a person spins a sphere full of balls which go up to the number 80. The players are given several sheets, where they can mark the numbers that they believe will show up. Once anyone has landed nine consecutive numbers, they win the game. There are multiple "bingos" and a person can win more than once in a game. If you don't fancy Keno, and instead just want a regular game of bingo check out which I really love. The character the Butler and his helper maid Astrid are too cute!