Golden Osiris Slots

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Typesbonus, video, 7-reel
ThemesAncient Egypt

If your eardrums survive the needlessly booming voice that announces the title of Golden Osiris at the very moment when the slot is launched, you will definitely have a lot of fun with its theme transporting you back in time all the way to Ancient Egypt. You will find yourself staring at the massive gates of a glorious temple. Two tall columns surround it, and they are covered from top to bottom in impossible-to-read but undeniably beautiful glyphs emanating pulsating golden light.

Upon that entrance are forty-nine icons of immaculate authentic design. Play N Go's team has crafted them as if the Egyptians themselves decided to build a giant slot grid and put together the winning icons using nothing but basic tools, gems, and a lot of gold, which they had aplenty back then.

Explosions and Pyramids Will Show You What It Means to be as Rich as an Egyptian Ruler

As it turns out, the Pharaohs of Egypt were extremely greedy and naughty. You won't believe the types of profitable curses they have placed all over this particular location. Take, for example, the special Pyramid, which is carved in the column located to the right of the gates - the one which has a neat teal neon outline.

This golden triangle will gradually fill up (you can tell just how full it is by the meter underneath it), and when the charging process is complete, its magic will be unleashed and increase all the funds that you own up to thirty times. And that's just one crazy example. The explosion that can take place is another mind-blowing event during which treasures surrounding the mythical Eye of Horus will blow up, and new priceless items will fall so they can make you even richer.

Befriend All the Gods and Claim All Their Treasure

Apart from the obligatory adorable gems of different colors and shapes, you will encounter images of various deities and powerful mythological objects. Horus, the god with the bird's head and the long beak, will strike fear and respect in your heart in equal measure. Bastet, the divine character with the cat head, is so cute that you will expect her to start purring.

Anubis (dog head) looks the coolest by far - the contrast between the royal blue and shiny golden is just deliciously pitch-perfect. Of course, it won't be an Egyptian slot game if you don't see the Scarab and the Ankh. In the case of this mythological adventure, it is the Scarab that gets the privilege of awarding the top prize - 1500 credits.

The more Eyes you collect (the same from the Explosion effect), the more free opportunities for the extra cash you will get. The least historically accurate of all the symbols is the random letter "W" engraved on a fancy square gold plate. Don't underestimate it because of its embarrassingly modern appearance; it is capable of increasing all the funds you have acquired up to that point ten times.