Egypt's Book of Mystery Slots

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Typesbonus, video, 6-reel
ThemesAncient Egypt

If you are a veteran player, you have probably made about a hundred trips back in time to Ancient Egypt, but it is highly unlikely that any of those exciting adventures have allowed you to explore the impressive contents of the Pyramids the way Egypt's Book of Mystery does. Make sure to get a high-protection sunscreen because that scorching sun reflecting on all that hugely beneficial shiny gold will make you feel like you are stepping into a furnace. PG Soft's designers do their best to ensure your leisurely stay in the glorious realm by providing you with the company of a couple of extremely intimidating but welcoming god characters that look like they have visited the mythological gym every day.

The Pyramids Are So Massive Because They Need to Hide Numerous Priceless Artifacts

As you step foot in one of the most popular structures in the world, your jaw will hit the floor. Thirty precious artifacts wait for you there, all of which can drastically boost the numbers in your bank account. In all honesty, it is rather difficult to determine just how many precious items are at your disposal because some of them are of a regular size while others are two times or three times bigger. Regardless, as soon as you gain entry, just make sure to loot the whole place thoroughly but remember that there is no rush, and there won't be a shortage of opportunities. Throughout your ancient heist adventure, you can obtain fifteen free opportunities to gain extra cash.

Have a Beneficial Chat with Ra and Anubis and Profit Even More by Stealing Their Possessions

You will have to display your conversational skills when you come face to face with the divine characters. Of the two, the one with the eagle head is the more generous. If you distract them appropriately, you might be successful in robbing them of some incredibly valuable items.

A golden cross-like artifact, widely known as The Ankh, is a highly tempting object beaming with the power of a small sun. Equally regal and authoritative are the couple of scepters, one of which humorously resembles a question mark. And another prized object that you can use for profit is the famous Eye, which every Egyptian slot game decides to include in their paytables.

Let the Complicated Bonus Spells Take Effect and Reap Endless Rewards

Some of the bonus features in this game are just way too complicated, so keep in mind that maintaining your focus might not always be easy. At some point, icons with silver lining will somehow transform into items with gold outlines, and then they will turn into a third type of object that is fully golden, and this process can single-handedly add a small fortune to your account. Also, don't be surprised if you see an icon just randomly transform into another one for no reason whatsoever and pay you a decent amount of cash - that's going to happen quite frequently.