Crystal Prince Slots

Crystal Prince Slots
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Fantasy kingdoms engulfed in snow and ice have always stood out with a very special atmosphere born out of their signature polished, shiny looks and immersive environments, and the one in Crystal Prince is even better because it will befriend you with the eponymous character. Before the two of you unite and embark on a quest throughout the frozen lands, you will be given the opportunity to take a good look at the cold realm, which despite its hazardous weather conditions, is undeniably gorgeous. Leave it to the skilled designers from Quickspin to make a hypothermia-inducing environment beautiful, inviting, and attractive.

Take a Leap of Faith into the Storms of the Icy Landscape and Make Money Like Never Before

Embarking on a quest to make a fortune in the Prince's kingdom will certainly result in many surprisingly positive experiences. Don't be discouraged by the natural obstacles or the dangerously overabundant presence of ice; every single time you acquire some sort of profit in this realm, a magical snowfall will commence, bringing you an entire new row of precious items.

One of the many exciting tasks you and the grinning Prince will have to complete is to break a seal. The winter storms will help you with that - the bigger the grid of artifacts grows, the closer you will get to accomplishing the mission. When you do it, an even more powerful event, known as "The Blizzard." will take place, and it really isn't as violent as it sounds. It is quite the opposite, actually. Instead of facing sharp icicles or merciless wind, you will collide with incredible rewards that will have only one effect - to better your financial situation.

Pick Your Favorite Type of Snowflake Alongside the Prince

In all fairness, there is not a lot of visual ingenuity in the majority of the objects you will encounter, but since most of them are different types of snowflakes, at least they make perfect sense within the context of this snowbound fictional world. When it snows in the domain of the Crystal Prince, you will get far more than a mere cold - in fact, you will come face to face with a collection of precious stones, to be exact. It is safe to say that you shouldn't count on the weather forecast to predict the type of weather you will encounter, that's for sure.

Blue, pink, yellow, green, and red gems will be dropping all over the place with such intensity that you will quickly forget about the minus temperatures. It is the blue-haired Prince, who is cheekily already wearing a crown that will prove his friendship in the most generous manner - by paying you 200 euros. The most distinctive object that might drop during the beneficial storms is a golden Wild that will multiply your money. Another highly advantageous snowflake has a glistening silver-like surface and can surprise you with up to twenty free opportunities for more profit.