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Typesbonus, video, 6-reel

When you first get a good look at the desert landscape of Wheel of Wonders and witness the majestic golden statues, massive out-of-focus palaces, and triangular shapes, the first thing that will likely enter your mind is Ancient Egypt. Actually, this is a depiction of Mesopotamia or, to be one-hundred percent precise - the Akkadian Empire.

It is pretty great that Push Gaming's team has decided to pay tribute to an ancient civilization that doesn't belong to the Pharaohs or the Caesars, or the Greeks for a change. You will undoubtedly appreciate the foreground arch-like structure on the main screen, not to mention the gold horse and bullheads decorating it.

This Akkadian History Lesson Will Teach You a Lot About How to Make Piles of Money

Stepping foot into the ancient realm will mark the start of a roller-coaster of emotions. By the time you have experienced one profitable event making you rich, you will have already activated another one; it is very tough to pick a gameplay highlight. For example, the Akkadians will magically start adding new positions to the already massive reel grid every time you generate some profit.

As you might have guessed from the title, there is also a Wheel involved here, and fortunately, its design is not the generic TV show type but quite the opposite. It looks as if the personal engineers of the Wild King Sargon have put it together and decorated it with precious stones from top to bottom. Taking your chances at the wheel will be incredibly rewarding; as a result, the numbers in your bank account will increase after you take various free opportunities to spin the reels, and after multipliers, boost your earnings many times over - up to twenty times, to be exact.

Gorgeous Artifacts and Ferociously Beautiful Beasts Will Make All Your Risks Worthwhile

As you explore the mighty kingdom with the purpose of robbing it of its most precious artifacts, you will indeed find all kinds of beautiful things to profit from. Yes, the card symbols are also present there, but in the game's defense, their style is fantastic. You can barely distinguish the letters because they are scratched in stone, as if an Akkadian soldier has tried to carve them out using a sword.

Also, far more impressive treasures await you further in the realm, like a wheel of massive gold, an anchor of gorgeous teal metal, a green vase, and a red artifact that looks like the paw of a lion with huge claws. At the end of the journey, you will realize that the paw was, in fact, quite real because you will meet its owner - the ferocious lion itself. Show bravery in the face of certain death, and you will obtain the beast's top prize of 200 credits. If you hold your own with the purple eagle and the green serpent, some pretty good payouts will enter your account too.