Twin Spin Megaways Slots

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Typesbonus, video, 6-reel
ThemesClassic Slot Symbols

Certain online bettors pride themselves on their high standards. If they are to play a slot, it needs to have a well-developed theme, stunning animation, an immersive environment, original yet likable characters, and every bonus feature in the book. Twin Spin Megaways hilariously lacks most of these.

When you launch the game, a splash of fabulous colors and a fat, satisfying oversized grid that has every possible clichéd symbol in the slot genre without exception will greet you from the primary screen. NetÉnt's slot is admittedly not original in the slightest, but unless that dreaded first impression puts you to sleep, you will be surprised just how fun its bonus rounds are.

Enjoy A Sequence of Painfully Familiar but Inspiringly Well-Paying Opportunities

Even the most brutal cynics will be forced to admit that there is a good reason why the game has the word "Megaways" in its title. Not only will you be playing around with thirty prized icons at any given time, but you will also have at your disposal 30 870 ways through which to fill your wallet with dollar bills (or other currency of your choice).

All kinds of crazy effects will quickly make you forget about the unsurprising appearance. Arguably, the rarest one of these features copy-pastes an entire column onto another, which is amazing - after all, the more matching symbols you get together on the grid, the more the numbers in your bank account will rise.

Original Ideas Mean Absolutely Nothing Compared to Four Cash-Generating Bonuses

There isn't a lot of room for discussion when it comes down to the symbols - they are cards, cherries, diamonds, bells, and sevens. It is clear that NetEnt has gone fully classical in the case of this title in the most shameless way imaginable. You might find yourself the proud owner of one thousand dollars if you get your hands on that half-teal, half-purple best-paying precious stone.

The sea of opportunity seems to stretch forever in Twin Spins Slots. The developers also give bettors a chance to have some fun with the Cascading-type ability, which in the case of this game is called "Avalanche." That doesn't make any sense because there isn't a single snowflake anywhere in the game. The idea, however, is the same - when icons take part in money-awarding combinations, they will disappear, and then brand new ones will appear out of thin air, and this fortune-delivering chain of events can go on and on until your luck runs out.

This by-the-numbers betting adventure also has "Wilds," and they look like a giant luminous billboard. When it casts its profitable light on you, your earnings can increase twofold or even threefold. And, of course, a game that clearly references the looks of most classic online slots couldn't possibly lack a free spins option. Start the respective feature, and you will get access to fifteen free opportunities to boost your online funds.