Crystal Quest: Arcane Tower Slots

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Typesbonus, video, 6-reel
ThemesFantasy, Jewellery

Stumbling upon a pile of treasure as you trek across a random fantasy world is a decently relaxing experience. However, pulling through a variety of adversities en route to fortune is a more challenging type of adventure, just like the one awaiting players at Crystal Quest: Arcane Tower. One of its many great surprising twists is that it won't be creatures giving you the chills.

The landscape itself is not just creepy but also over-the-top dangerous in an admittedly visually gorgeous way. The artists of Thunderkick have quite the wild imagination if they can come up with the idea of an entire forest full of trees with sharp crystals growing instead of leaves protruding from their branches.

The Force of Crashing Avalanches and the Magic of the Crystal Woods Will Multiply Your Money

The appearance of the magical forest is not the only thing that will take you by surprise. In the depths of the purple mist shrouding the treeline, you will collide with all kinds of wondrous money-generating spells. The one that will impress you the most might be the one that copies the precious items you encounter and pastes them across the main screen's six columns.

The power of the Avalanche is the driving force behind this adventure. The mighty natural event will sweep over every gem that makes you rich, only to replace them with new ones that will further grow your wealth. Don't feel too intimidated to step foot in the slightly demonic woods. After all, you will have a couple of extremely stylish companions to fight alongside you during your quest for riches, and together, you can benefit from up to 4096 methods to generate cash.

Locate Priceless Treasures and Leave the Dangerous Realm as the Wealthiest Fantasy Warrior

Once you walk in and study the fantasy realm from up close, you will grow to appreciate it much more when you realize that there are no clichéd icons, the type of which so many other titles have. There is an even more refreshing reason to be impressed by the treasures in this quest - none of the precious stones you will gather have ordinary shapes. Some of them are finely polished and with perfect geometry, while others look rugged, as if they have recently broken off from a mountainous rock.

There is a lot of inspiration to be found in your fantasy brothers in arms. One of them is a robot-like soldier ready to cut down your enemies with a sword and block attacks with a shield, and the other one is a bearded Wizard dressed in red paying even more - up to 2000 credits. As you peek behind the shiny bark of the trees to check if there is any danger or opportunity lurking about, you might notice a glossy chest made of precious stones. Open it, and you might obtain twelve free chances to generate additional income.