Wheel of Fortune Megaways Slots

Excellent reputation
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Typesbonus, video, 6-reel
ThemesLifestyle, Riches

Wheel of Fortune doesn't really have a theme or a backstory or any sort of recognizable backdrop setting, and that is a good thing - sometimes, it's best to just pick the imagery without restraining oneself to the rules of a certain world.

You will see a lot of beautifully glistening stars across a dark night sky, and in the foreground, there is something resembling a stage with a very futuristic appearance, which includes two columns that emanate blue and teal light.

The atmosphere IGT has put together stands out with plenty of flawlessly animated eye-candy sights that don't make a whole lot of sense apart from all the items like expensive planes, automobiles, and rings that hint at the type of lifestyle you can get after a successful run at this game.

Enjoy the Sight of Your Future Belongings and Feast Your Eyes on Their Spectacular Monetary Value

It is not just the overall appearance of the game that is somewhat crazy; the gird itself is completely off the hook, too. Some icons are small, others are average, and there are some others half as tall as the whole grid.

The complete list of possessions the paytable promises you will have one day when you amass your fortune includes a sports car, a yacht, a private jet, and a ring with the fattest, most ridiculously oversized oval-shaped precious stone.

Within this betting adventure's glistening darkness, you will come across so many options for extra cash (117 549, to be precise) and such an impressive number of money-making effects that you will certainly not be able to experience them all in a single gaming session.

Your Money Will Increase, and the Symbols Will Expand at an Equally Wild Speed

Before you prepare yourself emotionally for the mind-blowing bonus features, you will need to deal with a couple of icons. There is a colorful wheel, which, believe it or not, is fully animated at all times (it is very rare to see a symbol like that) and can grant you a very helpful gift - eighteen free opportunities to generate more earnings. Another icon that will inspire you to dream about expensive vacations to exotic locations is the golden substitute one, which can expand to cover an entire column.

Talking of Wilds, one of the most remarkable events that can take place on the grid goes by the name "Wild Megastack," and what it entails is that one little Wild symbol showing up on a position can all of a sudden explode and spawn ten more on the same reel, which will create something that can be best defined as a shower of money.

Then the game will expand your wealth some more. Another wheel spinning with perfectly smooth motion will stand out with its golden color shade. Every now and then, it will grace you with its presence and drop new symbols, causing even more combinations and even more dollar bills to fill your wallet.