Cosmic Voyager Slots

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Types5-reel, video, bonus

Space is dangerous, dark, and terrifying, but if you have a powerful enough spaceship capable of taking you to the right place, your interstellar voyage can also be energizing and awe-inspiringly colorful, as Cosmic Voyager shows. Double-check your spacesuit and muster your courage because you are about to visit a marvelous part of the universe complete with views towards equally majestic constellations, neighboring galaxies, a sea of stars, and a couple of science-fiction surprises that refreshingly spice up the gorgeous sight. Thunderkick's artists know how dry a sci-fi setting can be if it is dead-set on realism, and some of the least authentic elements of the main screen also happen to be some of the most visually spectacular.

The Voyager Will Expand Throughout the Galaxy Just Like Your Wealth

Getting rich is pretty easy as a citizen of the Voyager's space-vista-ridden realm. The powerful being with golden gloves and a stylish, deliciously purple cloak who rules over the galaxy will please you with many extraordinary money-making abilities.

Arguably the most impressive skill of the god-like character allows a single profitable item to expand through a considerable number of other positions. The immense powers of the celestial being will also provide explorers with ten free opportunities to acquire additional profit. Even if you find yourself in the unlikely situation of being unable to rely on the fantastic capabilities of alien creatures and objects, you will still have ten options to generate profit.

Unravel the Secrets of Deep Space and Locate Alien Sources of Income

If you get the feeling that you won't be seeing any clichéd icons in this sci-fi adventure because they would be too dull to fit in with the absolute beauty of the main screen, you are absolutely right. Every artifact you encounter after a spin will be a delight to observe and experience, not just because of its good looks but also because of its effects on your bank account. You will journey to a lot of planets that are colorful and profitable in equal measure. Some of them are small, others are large, and some others have rings.

Fire up the ship engines, go a couple of hundred light years further, and you will start encountering alien-looking pieces of technology, and therein the really big profits await. A mystical triangle, an equally beautiful cube, and a dodecahedron engulfed in golden shine will considerably contribute to your wealth. That being said, no item will illuminate the darkness of space as much as the four-pointed star.

The scariest, most beautiful, and, at the same time - most profitable artifact that you will come across as you explore the interstellar kingdom is the golden face of the Voyager, who will warmly welcome you with 25 000 credits. Funnily enough, the least impressive icon you will come across depicts the game's title. When you activate its powers, it can transform into any of the other space objects that you have collected.