Dreams Of Macau Slots

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Typesbonus, video, 6-reel
ThemesCasino, Riches, Entertainment

If you have been a passionate gambler for a long time, then at some point, your imagination must have drifted off as far as Macau, the Mecca for all bettors, and very few games pay tribute to that magical location as well as Dreams of Macau does. While the brick-and-mortar establishments of the extravagant region might not look exactly the way PG Soft's artists depict them on the main screen of the slot, the interior of the casino you will witness is undoubtedly the stuff dreams are made of. There is so much exuberance and so many items exemplifying opulent lifestyle, and yet the images that will likely stick in your mind the most are the majestic ceiling and the charming lady in red.

Let the Marvelous, Ridiculously Profitable Chaos of Macau Take Over

This is not a by-the-numbers title that simply gets the job done by paying tribute to a popular gambling destination. Dreams of Macau wants to impress on a different level, and it succeeds in various ways. The grid, for example, is unlike anything you have seen before. The numerous positions are almost impossible to count because some icons are big, and others are small; it is madness full of energy, much like a real casino.

The highlight of the gameplay is, in some ways, the complex system involving icons with silver frames, which transform into images with golden edges, which then proceed to evolve into substituting Wilds, and all three types of symbols will make you richer every time they appear. By launching Dreams of Macau, you will get entitled to obtain abnormally large profits. The most impressive amount you can acquire is 100 000 coins which is about twice as much as the top payout in, for instance, any RTG game (nothing against RealTime Gaming - their games are masterful).

Succumb to the Charms of the Lady from Macau and the Shiny Sports Car

Many symbols are unpleasantly familiar - card-themed, chips, and dice but thankfully, the higher-paying ones appropriately spice up the paytable's vibe. You will be given the opportunity to drive around in a magnificent golden sports car and even better - you will meet the lovely young lady from the game's poster, who will not just provide you with the pleasure of her company but also with the highest payout of all the icons.

Get the Macau Treatment - Huge Icons and Numerous Free Opportunities to Collect Extra Cash

Whenever profitable items appear between the second and the fourth column, they could appear as enlarged versions of themselves, covering the positions of four regular-sized icons. If you use a slot machine Wild, it can fill your wallet through its valuable replacing effect. The shiny, crystal-clear diamond is also of extreme significance because every time you collect four of the precious stones, you will obtain fifteen free chances to boost the numbers in your account.