Dark Knight Slots (Slotland)

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Typesbonus, video, 5-reel
ThemesMiddle Ages

Great movies come out every year, but very few of them have engraved themselves in the memory of film lovers in the way The Dark Knight has. The developers of the title are not the only ones that have decided to honor the marvelous cinematic experience through an online game. The designers have constructed the atmosphere in the eponymous slot in the most perfect manner imaginable.

The darkness of night shrouds the entire city - from the skyscrapers to the narrow streets and you can just feel the tension seeping through the screen, along with the feeling that danger is lurking around the corner. Unlike the conflicted heroes in the film's story, you don't have to choose. Whether you pick the heroes or the villains as your allies, you will bring home incredible amounts of cash.

Don't Be Afraid of the Batman and Join Forces with the Joker's Huge Profitable Icon

The law system in the famous comic-book city doesn't work very efficiently, so you will find a wide range of options to get filthy rich. One of the most memorable methods will involve acquiring a giant symbol with the face of the Clown Prince of Crime, and in this case, "huge" means half the grid.

The designers have crafted the gameplay to mirror the movie's emotions as much as possible. You will find yourself rooting for the bad guy - after all, he can fill your wallet in so many great ways, including by helping you win one of four jackpot prizes. So even if the game weren't based on one of the greatest blockbusters of all time, it would've still been quite an impressive achievement, offering fifty ways of payment and six reels.

Arm Yourself with Epic Batarangs and Extract Huge Profits from the Comic Book Foes

If you are a fan of the film, you will recognize every single one of the men and women from the paytable. All of them will compete to win your heart with some decent payouts, but unsurprisingly no one will be as convincing as the popular superhero. The billionaire vigilante will be making generous donations to your cause with 1500 credits.

Throughout most of this crime thriller adventure, you might feel a bit like a villain - while the forces of good and evil collide, you will be just pressing the spin button and collecting more and more cash. But the game makes sure that you feel like the superhero by giving you a chance to play around with two of the bat-shaped gadgets of the Caped Crusader. They will initiate dozens of free spins.

During them, the winged superhero and the clown-like villain will face off and make you so rich that you might turn into Gotham's next billionaire. During the free spins, the Joker will appear huge, while Mr. Wayne will stay firmly on the spot - an excellent metaphor for one of the film's most famous lines - "an unstoppable force meets an immovable object."