Savanna King Slots

Savanna King Slots
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Types5-reel, bonus, video
ThemesNature, African, Regional

There are dangers and a lot of eye-candy landscapes to be found in the depths of the savanna. Once you arrive there, make sure you have your manners in check - the last thing you want to do is to anger the deadly lion who is in charge of the whole place. Savanna King will teach you three things - how to be humble in the face of a predator that can turn you into a meal in two seconds, how to appreciate majestic natural views, and how to make tons of money by getting to know the animals inhabiting the African wilderness. In all honesty, Genesis Gaming has completely knocked it out of the park when it comes down to the design of the endearingly relatable and somehow stunningly realistic beasts of the wild.

The King of the Savanna Keeps His Subjects Content with Some Unbelievable Multipliers

If you think that looks alone are enough for you to get emotionally attached to the realm of the great lion, wait until you experience all of its generous profit-generating skills. Once the savanna enters its so-called Stampede phase, it will be quite the game-changer, figuratively and literally.

At the king's roaring command, you will obtain up to twenty free chances to boost the numbers in your bank account, but that is not nearly as impressive as multiplying all your funds up to sixty-four times, an effect representing the king's generosity at its peak. Even if you don't get stomped by these enormous piles of money, there is no room for concern; exploring the rest of the options in the savanna is a profitable enough venture which can get you paid in 1024 possible ways.

Your Brand New Animal Friend Circle Will Make Extreme Contributions to Your Wallet

You won't be stumbling across incredible treasures all the time during your adventure across the African wilds. Occasionally, you might bump into some genuinely boring icons, such as numbers and letters, with excruciatingly small payouts that will leave you wondering what they are even doing there in the first place.

Go a little bit further into the savanna, and you will meet an adorably friendly giraffe. Make sure to look down every once in a while, and soon you will also acquaint yourself with a beneficial zebra. Your heavyweight companions will also be quite profitable, such as the shyly smiling rhino. Ultimately you will come face to face with the big boss and bask in the glory of his golden mane.

Surprisingly, however, it is not his high holiness that will be providing you with the biggest reward. Apparently, being in charge of an entire savanna and every little creature lurking in it is just too much responsibility for one lion. The ability to provide the biggest prizes belongs to the logo icon, which will fill up your account with 800 coins.