Galaxy Stars Slots

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Typesbonus, video, 5-reel
ThemesSci-Fi, Aliens, Space

If you want to uncover space's best-paying secrets, you need the strongest ships with the most powerful thrusters, and luckily for you, the sci-fi world of Galaxy Stars has a couple of really decent cutting-edge technology models to offer. You won't have to search long for inspiration to dive deep into the vastness of the interstellar void - it has rarely looked this gorgeously beautiful, with such a rich shade of royal blue. The artists of Radi8 Games clearly have a dream of taking control of a mighty vessel and making a fortune by blasting a precious meteorite to pieces. We can all share that lovely fantasy now through their visually polished work.

Stare Bravely into the Gorgeous Void to Observe Your Future as a Very Wealthy Astronaut

You will arrive at this particular galaxy with the initial purpose of flying awesome spaceships, but you will definitely stay for the humongous rewards of the space phenomena that you will encounter. In the depths of the unknown, you will discover the Nexus, which is intimidating and well-paying in equal measure. Its ability to increase all your earnings up to eight times can easily make you one of the wealthiest pilots in the galaxy.

On Earth, you would consider yourself extremely lucky to see even one shooting start when you look up in the middle of a cloudless night. In Radi8's galaxy, shooting stars can literally hit right in front of your face, and when they do, they will award you with up to eight Wilds. Even if you don't happen upon incredible interstellar events, your fortune is still pretty much guaranteed because you will have, by default, up to twenty beneficial trade routes to utilize.

The Life of a Space Pilot Involves Far More Money-Making Symbols Than You Would Expect

The science-fiction environment will strike you as excitingly competitive - one in which every pilot has to make a name for himself, and even the least valuable objects on the paytable contribute to that feeling. In there, you will witness various insignia-style icons. There will be a decent number of nearby planets that you can visit. These new worlds not only look exhilarating but are also quite useful for your financial situation. Landing on them will be one small step for man but one giant leap for your bank account.

You will be conducting your travels on board two possible spaceships. One of them looks a little bit more standard, blasting away with its purple thrusters, and the other one's appearance is almost alien, resembling a giant space blaster emitting teal light. If you want to go straight for the most impressive pile of treasure in the galaxy, you will have to double-check the heat shield of your ship and head over to the nearby flaming star to collect its 500-coin reward.