Fortune Mouse Slots

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Typesbonus, video, 3-reel
ThemesEast, China, Luck

It is full of marvelous-looking parks all across Asia, but when you visit one of them through the main screen of an online game, you get to enjoy not just its unparalleled beauty but also some spectacular additions to the contents of your wallet. In the case of Fortune Mouse, the magical location you will explore feels more or less like a dream. Mysterious golden objects are airborne, and you are not quite sure if they are leaves or strangely shaped medallions, while out-of-focus trees with elegantly thin branches and pink blossoms please your senses with some delicious colors.

Meet the Pet You Never Knew You Needed and His Exceptional Cash-Generating Skills

You will be forever grateful to PG Soft for introducing you to one of the most adorable, perfectly animated characters you have ever encountered in any sort of a game - a cute little mouse in traditional Far East clothing. It refuses to keep still like a little child, ready to play as much as possible before going to bed. Its innocence will appropriately mask its utterly obscene money-making capabilities.

If you knew how much the tiny hero could do for your financial situation, you would never think about being hostile to rodents ever again. When the adorable character covers the middle part of the grid, it will substantially increase your online funds. That vigorous excitement written all over its face is not only caused by the idea of making friends with you but also by the possibility of awarding the top prize equal to 1000 times the selected bet.

Have the Gambling Time of Your Life with Your New Friend as He Showers You with Money

Chasing around a little mouse won't be the only cash-grabbing activity that you will be doing in the park. First, you got to eat. There are some utterly delicious white-brown nuts ready to be served at your behest, and then - the menu offers some orange slices so that you can refresh yourself. Then it is time to have a bit of fun with your new friend, and what better way to do that than to light some firecrackers up? Sooner or later, you will start getting your hands on some money.

During your exploration of the temple, you will encounter a pouch full of coins of various precious metals. You will also come across even more earnings by opening gorgeous boxes that are inexplicably filled with dollar bills. But, as you might have expected, nothing will be as satisfying or fulfilling as the amount of cash that the Mouse will grant, and that's 500 credits. This will be a friendship to remember and cherish, full of pleasurable activities and quite a huge number of monetary gifts. As if the endearing animal's profitable skills aren't enough already, it will also surprise you with another one of its capabilities - to substitute other icons and produce even more profit.