Megawins Slots

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Types3-reel, video
ThemesClassic Slot Symbols

Who could say no to a slot called Megawins? It sounds intriguing from the off, and we decided to find and load it to see what it was about. It’s from Rival Gaming, so that’s a tick in the right column for starters. What else did we find as we checked it out?

Expect a small game this time around

Rival has released plenty of bigger games than this, but here we have a three-reel game with three symbols landing on each. The game also numbers its paylines, so you’ll spot five of those in play.

Is the Megawins game a penny slot?

No – the smallest bet is 25 cents, which confirms that the lines are fixed. This gives you a five-cent minimum bet per line. The biggest total bet is $15.

Should you expect to spot any special symbols on the reels?

No – there is no wild here and no scatter icon either. You can spot eight regular symbols via the paytable. There are three 7s of varying colors, along with single, double, and triple bar symbols, so there are plenty of classic elements here.

Are there any bonus features involved?

No, Megawins steers clear of these. The closest you’ll get to those is landing a prize for any three bar symbols on a line or any three 7s on a line. The game doesn’t have any jackpots available either.

The biggest prize is reserved for getting three of the bird icons on a paid line. This is by far the largest payout in the game, as you’ll see when you review the paytable ahead of spinning the reels. We guess this is where the Megawins name comes from, especially as the bird appears as part of the game logo too.

What did we make of the Megawins slot from Rival Gaming?

We did expect a jackpot of some sort, but nothing of the kind is present in the game. It’s slightly bigger and bolder than a regular three-reel slot, so if that is what you’re searching for, it’s worth exploring for a bit in demo mode to see what you make of it.