Casino Jackpot

The jackpots given to casinos are the biggest prizes that are accessible by players through many games from Keno to slot machines and card games of a variety. The jackpot is the dream of many. The price can reach 6 digits and beyond and is the biggest of the prize in a particular game. There is also a kind of jackpot that is shared by a chain of casinos and this creates a super jackpot that can be won by a player in any casino that participates in the game.

The history of jackpot

Jackpot was first used in the game of poker in the 19th century. The player who gets a pair of jacks first will win the pot money. The pot is the amassed value from the players that will be the main highlight of the game. In the 1940s Vegas, hitting the jackpot was the term. Hit means win. The player can hit a number of winning combinations in the card game or on the machine.

Hitting the Jackpot

Playing Progressive winnings

Every combination will have a particular prize. If you are playing table games, the jackpot serves as the biggest price no matter the ranking of your winning hand. If, for example, the player playing poker has a pair of 2s and there is nobody who has the same value and combination as you, it is possible to win using that value.

The slot machine games on the other hand are much different. It is more precise and specific. Symbols that line up across the screen will determine the pattern and the prize. The player much also bet a maximum so that he is eligible to hit the jackpot.

Playing Progressive winnings

There is the so called progressive jackpot. This is based on the multiple, progressive machines that are shared by the casino chain. With this kind of setup, every time one plays, you give a percentage of the bet to the jackpot and increase the value, making it more attractive. If one hits the right combination, you can win the ultimate jackpot that has been accumulated during that run.

Pot creation

Once the jackpot has been one, the progressive jackpot starts again with the standard jackpot on the particular system. In a penny machine, the jackpot starts at a thousand dollars. As the denomination increases, so is the jackpot. The biggest wins are from those who are either lounging around, leisurely playing the game. It is all about the luck, the odds and the timing. Sometimes, there are those who are blessed with such luck. These players receive payments every year and undeniably they do not have to worry about money for a pretty long time. Such a blessing is why many are willing to risk a sum of money for the jackpot prize.