Web Privacy Policy

As a gambling website, we have the commitment to keep our customers safe from any harm of their precious personal information. We follow the Data Protection Acts of UK of 1984 and 1998, and we use great care for the safety of your information that you have provided to us while completing the registration form for preventing any other access to your account.

If you want to be a registered customer of user of our website and you also want to use our products and services then you have to complete the registration with us and to complete that you have provide some fixed personal information like the name, date of birth, postal address, credit card numbers, phone or mobile numbers, address for registering credit cards, start and expiry date of the credit card.

The Use of Your Personal Information

We use the information to provide you our services, to keep of your records, to make sure that we are providing the perfect service that you are needed and also learn about your choice about our services. You have to answer some queries of our interest and we use your address or email id to contact you and us and the query.

We use your information for promotions and marketing, we will always keep you updated about our latest offers and bonuses and so that you can use the best offer of us.

We can give total statistics about the customers, services, related services and traffic patterns to a third party but we always use reputed third party to keep the information secure and we never use the personal information of our users to get any result.

We will never ask you for any information that is not necessary, we only ask for that information which we can use to provide the best service to you and keep the real needs of you from us.

When you are completing the registration you allow us to use your personal information for our own interest and you can check the list of the use of your personal information to the Privacy and Security page and this will help you to know about the use of your personal information.

We have the rights to give these information to the authorities if you have done any illegal access or law enforcement authority wants the information otherwise we never share the information with other parties.