Valley of the Muses Slots

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Types5-reel, video, bonus
ThemesGreek Mythology, Ancient Greece

Get in the mood for a party in Ancient Greece as you travel back in time to one of the oldest and incredibly - still active celebrations - the Valley of the Muses. During it, you will get to eat, drink and dance in the presence of a magnificent woman - a Muse who not only looks like a goddess but also levitates in mid-air like one. The heroine stands underneath the crowns of two subtly animated trees, and she is so attractive that you might not immediately recognize just how fabulous her outfit is.

The truth is that even if you take your eyes off her, you will still witness quite a lot of beauty - the emerald valley itself is a majestic landscape of flowing rivers and parks. In usual circumstances, you would be advised to immediately mute the game, but in this case, Lady Luck's team has composed a very engaging, softly seductive melody that is absolutely perfect for the atmosphere of the game. At the end of the day, what kind of party lacks music?

Get Your Marriage Proposal Ready - the Muse Will Take Care of the Family Budget

The divine character's beauty is far from her only quality. The lady's Charm will significantly multiply all the treasures that you find during the celebration, and sometimes she would just conjure money out of thin air and add them to your account.

Falling in love with the Muse will be especially easy for any ambitious online bettor. The party itself will be beneficial enough. Even if you somehow miss out on the goddess' assistance, which is more or less impossible, you will still have at your disposal at least ten ways through which you can generate profit on your own.

When You Celebrate in Ancient Greece, Your Wallet Fills Up

By the time you start encountering various little profitable items, you will be so enamored with the Greek goddess that you might not even pay attention to the disappointing presence of the same old clichéd card icons. They do have some nice green leaf decorations, but that doesn't really help. Regardless, the real fun lies with the other generous artifacts, such as the Harp, which you will be playing to very beneficial results, or the mask and the Spartan helmet you will wear when you get really drunk in the heat of the party.

The object that will make you the happiest is a golden horn stuffed with grapes. It does much more than paying the highest amount - 150 dollars; it can also transform into other items. Your only possible competition for winning the heart of the Muse will be a grinning marble statue of a beautiful gentleman with a gold cloak, so you shouldn't worry about love triangles at all. Quite the contrary, your new wingman will grant you up to fifteen free opportunities to obtain even more cash.