Blackjack Probability

Blackjack is a game that is unique from other casino games around. It has a standing of 10-10 versus 10 but it is actually no biggie compared to opting for a hit or divide on the hand. The mathematical truth about it is if you choose to stand, you get 55.80 cents. If you split or hit, you will lose 44.2 or more. However, there are some cards that can be split within seconds of being dealt. There are 6 card decks with smaller casino edge compared to playing 8 decks but the effect is not as much.

There are rules such as splitting non-ace cards that is questionable for those games using 8 decks of cards. There is what we call as the Basic Technique advantage that increases in percentage as the number of decks increase. The savings in such games can range to a hundred dollars. A smaller deck is more complex to card counters using a basic technique since odds change faster as cards are drawn from the deck.

Advantages of a 6 deck game

Cards Per hand, the probability is 4/52 for a single deck. For 2 decks, the probability doubles. This variation in the odds with the shoe size also has some unique differences. The game of blackjack often utilizes smaller decks. The game can affect the casino edge and the dealers can get only the amount that was wagered. The players can get a payout ratio much better compared to the dealer.

The occurrences also exude some advantage unique from using the 6 decks compared to the 8 decks. In blackjack, there are possible 550 combinations at the start. With this situation, the 6 decks can provide more wins than losses compared to the 8 decks. Many players love decks where they can go and double but it also requires knowledge and understanding to be able to win the game.